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  • Core Web Programming Best-selling book covering HTML, Java, and JavaScript. Free source code and online chapters in PDF.
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HTML Programming

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HTML Editors

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Tools to help you write HTML. An HTML editor is a program that helps make writing HTML easier. The editors specifically for HTML have WYSIWYG modes that let you edit the page graphically without manipulating the HTML tags explicitly. The regular programming editors provide HTML syntax highlighting and some helpful tools, but require you to work directly with the HTML tags. If your goal is to learn HTML, start with a regular programming editor. The style sheet editors provide tooltips for all the legal style sheet properties, and show you a preview of each style you define.

HTML Validators

General HTML and Web Programming Resources

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Free Web Graphics

Clip art, animated GIFs, backgrounds, bullets, etc.
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Using FTP to Transfer Files

If you have created Web pages and you want to send them somewhere to put them up on the Web, you can do it using FTP. There are three basic ways to FTP:
  1. The first way is to FTP through the command console. This is done on Windows by clicking the start button, run, and typing in CMD. Then you type in ftp DestinationPlace, click enter, and supply your user name and password as prompted. Then you can use commands to view your directory and to transfer you file (see details).
  2. The second way is to use a graphical FTP client. Here are some choices:
  3. The third way is to use Internet Explorer. You use a URL of the form ftp://userName:password@DestinationPlace. Then, you can drag and drop files to/from your desktop. See Microsoft's FTP support document. This approach is very simple, but Internet Explorer sometimes changes the capitalization of filenames, so be careful.
Using FTP through the command console Using Internet Explorer to FTP
FTP through Command Console FTP through Internet Explorer
Using a GUI FTP


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